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Welcome to The Grove Primary School! Thanks for taking time to look at our website.


Our vision statement is central to all that we do at The Grove. What does it stand for?



We want the children to enjoy the learning process and to make great progress whilst they are with us. We encourage all children to achieve their best; they are key to the learning experience. We have a dynamic, innovative and creative curriculum. We make it purposeful and relevant. We link subjects together and incorporate realistic and real life experiences. We encourage the children to analyse their learning and to understand how they can develop and improve. We utilise the outdoors and the children enjoy lots of trips and visits to enhance their learning.



Children are encouraged to be responsible citizens. We encourage our children to care for each other. Older children help to supervise at lunchtimes and organise games for younger ones. We are keen for the children to learn about their local environment and community, whilst at the same time finding out about the wider world. We have achieved the International Schools Award and the Eco School Award. We have links with a school in Nepal.



Our school is a happy school. If the children are enjoying school they will learn and achieve far more. We want lots of smiles and happy faces. Our children are encouraged to be polite and thoughtful citizens.



We will achieve through teamwork and togetherness.  We have an open door policy and parents are always welcome to call in to talk to us.


Have a look around the website, and we're excited to share with you over the next few weeks the new and exciting things we're got planned to make The Grove an amazing school for our children! 


Steve Nash


Page updated 31.10.2016