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School Ethos and Values

School Ethos and Values


The staff and governors of the school have worked together to formulate a statement of their aims and vision for the school: 


Inspiring learning


Our children will develop a life-long love for learning because we ensure each lesson is as interesting, exciting and inspiring as possible.

They will learn a sense of responsibility and compassion for themselves and others through tolerance, co-operation and humour.


We aim for children to be happy and motivated so that they can become curious, confident learners and problem solvers.


We want to develop a sense of responsibility, self-worth and individuality.


Our aim is to develop their knowledge and skills to their full potential and achieve success through high standards and expectations.


We also aim for staff to be happy, motivated and developing learners who work together as a team providing the best opportunities for the children.


We aim to provide a happy, safe and secure environment, in which children can access a challenging, balanced curriculum.  Respect is nurtured through inclusive partnership of children, staff, families and the wider community.


We always try our best in everything we do - we want to aim high!