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The school office opening times are: 8.30am -4:00pm every day



Head Lice


Head lice is one of those persistent problems that many schools face. In order for us to reduce the number of children who get Head lice it is important that parents check their children’s hair regularly. For children who have long hair it is important they wear their hair tied back securely for school.

  1. you discover that your child had Head lice please follow the 10 day cycle of removal. This involves washing, conditioning and combing through the hair with a Head lice comb every 2 days. The life cycle of Head lice is around 10 days therefore it is important to repeat this cycle for at least this number of days to ensure that new hatchlings are removed from the hair.
  2. do not keep your child off school because of Head lice. You should treat them and return


Dogs on School Premises 


We have become increasingly aware that some of you are bringing your dogs with you when you drop off and pick up your children.   It is Leicestershire County Council Policy that NO dogs should be allowed on school property.   This is for Health and Safety reasons.


School Closure


If for any reason such as severe weather we do have to close the school we will contact parents first thing in the morning via Parentmail.  We will also post a message on the front page of the website. 

We will also contact BBC Radio Leicester 104.9fm and Radio 103 The Eye.  




School uniform can be purchased from the school direct or through our authorised supplier KidZone.  KidZone is located on Leicester Street, opposite Stuart Westmoreland. 

The school colours are Royal Blue sweatshirts/cardigans/fleece, white shirt or t-shirt or Royal Blue polo shirt with either black or grey skirts/trouser.Children should wear sensible black school shoes not trainers.

PE kit:  Blue or black shorts with white t-shirt, plimsoles.

Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will also need a games kit.  This should be black or blue jogging bottoms and top and trainers.


Leicester Charity Link

Leicester Charity Link may be able to offer you help with the cost of uniform if you are in receipt of Income Support or other benefits.   For further help and support please contact the school office for an application form.


Labelling – Name Tags


We receive a lot of unlabelled clothing every term.   It is important that your child’s clothing and other items such as lunchboxes, coats, water bottles etc are clearly labelled.  We cannot accept responsibility for children’s personal items, however it is much easier for your child to have their lost items returned if they are labelled.

  If you label your child’s clothes with pen please remember this will eventually wash out.   You should regularly check after washing that your child’s name is still clear to read.


Pencil cases etc


Pencil cases and other equipment should not be brought into school.  The school provides pens, pencils, colouring pens, etc which the children require for their learning.  They do not need to supply their own.   This causes issues with items which are swopped amongst friendship groups or lost.                 





Children should not bring toys, teddies, etc to school.  They are a distraction and will cause an upset if it becomes lost.  If a toy is found to have been brought into school it will be kept with the teacher until the end of the school day.   We appreciate your support in not allowing your child to bring toys in school.



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