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This page is here to keep you up to date with the great things happening in class. We aim to give you regular updates so keep checking back!


PE-We have PE on a Tuesday. Please can all children have their PE kits in school each week. Long hair needs to be tied back and if your child has their ears pierced then please can they be removed before they come to school that day (If they have not been removed, will cover them with tape)


Homework is sent home weekly on a Friday and needs to be completed and returned no later then the following Thursday.



Please can you check that all clothing your child has in school is clearly named.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

Many thanks

Duckling Team

Meet the Team


We are 'Team Duckling'

Picture 1
From left to right, Debra Weston (Class Teacher) Sophie Gent (Nursery Nurse) Helen Townend (Learning Support Assistant) Lisa Partridge (Learning Support Assistant)
Picture 1

Learning at home


Here are some links to games that will help your child continue their learning at home.



Over the past two weeks, we have been thinking about birthday celebrations and the story 'Handa's Surprise' 


The children have had great fun creating their own birthday parties in the home corner. The have all made a sandwich, following the instructions. They also made party hats and have wrote lists of things they would need for a party.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! 1
The whole school had a wonderful time watching 'The Wizard of Oz' pantomime.

We're off to see the wizard...

We're off to see the wizard... 1
As part of our Handa's Surprise topic, we have looked very closely at lots of different fruits. The children have made some wonder pieces of art using tissue paper. oil pastels and wax crayons to represent the fruit.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Jolly Phonics Letter B

Jolly Phonics - H h

Jolly Phonics song letter H h

Jolly Phonics - F f

Jolly Phonics song letter F f



Continuing on with our Spooky Spells theme, this week the children having been counting spooky items and recording them. They have also made wonderful spiders, making sure they all have 8 legs! To help strengthen finger muscles, all the legs had to be folded to make a zigzag pattern. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

We continued to make our own magic spells outside, this time adding shaving foam to the mix. This was obviously very popular! :)


In the Sand Kitchen we also had a Potion Station, this time using herbs and water to make wonderful concoctions.


To improve hand/eye coordination, the children hammered golf tees into pumpkins (and then had to pull them back out again) 


In the creative area, we also all had a turn at making a wicked witch shape puppet. They looked fantastic. 


As it was Halloween on Tuesday, Mrs Gent bought some 'scary' books into school, we all sat around the white board (which played a lit pumpkin with 'spooky' background music) we closed the curtains and enjoyed the wonderful books, Bears in the Night, Funny Bones, Where's my Mummy? and Room on the Broom'

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 1
Happy Halloween! 2
Happy Halloween! 3
Happy Halloween! 4
Happy Halloween! 5
Happy Halloween! 6
Happy Halloween! 7
Happy Halloween! 8
Happy Halloween! 9
Happy Halloween! 10


This week in maths we have been thinking about long and short. The children have been making long and short construction models and made some long and short paintings, using corks to print a pattern. Outside we used bricks from the Builders Yard to make long and short walls.


We also made some lovely paintings to represent the fireworks we had all seen over the weekend.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6



We have a jam packed few weeks (and a well deserved week off)!


Before half term we were concentrating on our handwriting skills. The children have been great at learning new patterns such as spirals and zigzags.


Students from Brooksby Melton Collage came in to perform their version of Rapunzel, afterwards they played a few circle games with the class too. All the children loved the performance and sat really well and listened very carefully. We were very proud of them.


Thank you to all those who sent in donations for our Harvest festival. We had a lovely assembly where the children sang the new harvest songs we have been learning.

Picture 1 Harvest themed maths provocation
Picture 2 Counting, sorting, matching number potatoes
Picture 3 Phonics obstacle course
Picture 4 Popcorn letter sorting!

Spooky Spells


The home corner has been transformed into a Spooky Spell Party, Ask your child which rhyming words they use to make a spooky spell!


In the play dough the children have been making magic spells and scary monsters. We have had some very interesting creations!


Outside the children have been experimenting making their own magic potions, this has been great fun and also taught the children all about colour mixing at the same time.


We have also set up a magic potion shop where the children can buy and sell the bottles of spells.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Jolly Phonics Letter E

Jolly Phonics Letter U



This week we have been putting the finishing touches on our Junk Model Robots. They really are starting to look good, thank to all who donated empty boxes!

Junk Model Robots

Junk Model Robots 1
To help with number formation, the children have been writing over chalk letters with damp cotton buds in the tuff spot tray outside. To improve balance and coordination they have been making and using obstacle courses. Continuing from our Firefighters visit, some children have had a go at drawing their own firefighter on the large whiteboard outside. Lots of children have been exploring the pebble pit this week and were talking about which pebbles were the heaviest, to continue the child led learning, we have added the large weighing scales to that area for the week for them to explore even more.

Number formation and obstacle courses

Number formation and obstacle courses 1
Number formation and obstacle courses 2
Number formation and obstacle courses 3
Number formation and obstacle courses 4
Number formation and obstacle courses 5
Number formation and obstacle courses 6
In PE this week we did a carousel of different skills. The children all had turn at jumping, balancing, throwing and catching to name a few. We will continue to build on these keys skills throughout the year. We do still have lots of children without their clothes (school uniform and PE kits) named. It does make it difficult when we're getting dressed and undressed for PE, please you could you double check your child's clothes are clearly named...Thank you

PE carousels

PE carousels 1
PE carousels 2
PE carousels 3
PE carousels 4
PE carousels 5

Jolly Phonics - K k

Jolly Phonics song letter K k

Jolly Phonics - C c

Jolly Phonics letter C c



In maths this week we have been thinking about repeating patterns. The children have been shape printing their patterns in the art area and we made repeating patterns using ourselves! Outside we have been practicing making shapes in the tuff spot by using cubes to trace the lines of rectangles, squares and triangles, we have also been practicing counting and number recognition by putting out the number flames.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Fire, fire!

Still image for this video
Counting, aiming, working together, number recognition, strengthening finger muscles ready for writing and having fun...all in a days work!
The children have had great fun conker sorting again this week, we have used conkers with the letters s,a,t,p,i,n,m,n and d on them. They had to find which container had the right letter attached to it and then find the right gutter to roll it down. 

Conker sorting fun!

Conker sorting fun! 1
Conker sorting fun! 2
Conker sorting fun! 3

To end the week we had some very special visitors. Melton Mowbray firefighters came in to talk to The Ducking and Dragonfly class all about the amazing job they do. The children loved hearing all about it and were thrilled to have a go with the hose!


Thank you so much to Samuel's Daddy and his work mates for coming to visit us, we know how busy you are!

Firefighters visit

Firefighters visit 1
Firefighters visit 2
Firefighters visit 3



Another busy week on the Duckling Class this week. The children have been thinking about 2D shapes, they have all made a shape robot puppet in the craft area. They have also been building inside and outside using blocks and bricks. They decided that rectangles and squares are the best shapes to build with.

This week we have introduced the letters O and G

Jolly Phonics Letter O

Jolly Phonics Letter G

We can make patterns with cubes!

We can make patterns with cubes! 1
We can make patterns with cubes! 2
We can make patterns with cubes! 3

Shape Building

Shape Building 1
Shape Building 2
Shape Building 3 Designing their house!
Shape Building 4 Working together
Shape Building 5
Shape Building 6 "The rectangle bricks have circle holes in them"
To reinforce the children's phonics, outside we have been sorting conkers labelled with sounds. We also practiced writing letters and our names on the floor.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Super sorters!

Super sorters! 1
Super sorters! 2
Super sorters! 3
We also introduced the class to the parachute. They absolutely loved it. They worked together as a team to make the ball land on each coloured section.
Picture 1
Picture 2
We have introduced the letters 'M' and 'D' this week

Jolly Phonics - D d

Jolly Phonics song letter D d

Jolly Phonics Letter M



This week the children have been exploring the outside class room. They have really enjoyed playing in the water, especially the water wall.

Of course, duckings love water!

Of course, duckings love water! 1
Of course, duckings love water! 2
We have been continuing thinking about our senses, we added some herbs from our herb garden and lavender to our sand kitchen. We had some very interesting dishes!

Lavender pie

Lavender pie 1
This week in phonics we have been learning the letters 'i' and 'n' The songs are below for you.

Letter 'I' Jolly Phonics song

Phonic song to the letter 'I'

Letter 'N' Jolly Phonics song

Phonic song to the letter 'N'



We've had another lovely week at school, the children are getting used to the routines and making new friends.


This week we have been thinking about our five senses. Every child has made a Mr Potato Head and had a go and cutting up lavender. We have all loved the smell!


We had an exciting delivery this week. We now have a Visualiser for our white board. This means we can all show our work on the big board and we can also use it for looking very closely at anything interesting we find. No doubt we will have lots of fun with it in the future.


This week in phonics we have been thinking about the letters 'P' and 'T' 


Please see the videos for the songs below.


Our new visualiser!

Our new visualiser! 1

Letter T Jolly Phonics song

Jolly Phonics song to the letter 'T'

Letter P Jolly Phonics song

Phonic song to the letter 'P',



Wow, what a fantastic first week we have had! All the children have settled into school life at The Grove really well. We are so proud of them all.


This week we have been getting used to school routines and learning a bit about each other. We have loved looking at the all the memory bags the children have bought in and they have enjoyed sharing their memories with their new classmates. Don't forget to send your child's bag in if you haven't already.


Our topic is 'Mega Machines' We have a 'Robot Factory' in the home corner which the children have enjoyed exploring and we have had some wonderful robots designed already. We will continue the robot theme over the coming weeks.

We have also began our phonics lessons this week. We use a scheme called 'Letter and Sounds' to teach the children phonics (Letter names and the sounds they make)


We have introduced the letters 'S' and 'A' 


The children have been great detectives finding things that begin with these letters. You could also play 'I spy' at home to reinforce their learning. Below are two short songs to show you what we have been doing and to help you continue your child's learning at home.


Letter S Jolly Phonics song

Jolly Phonics song to the letter 'S'

Letter 'A' Jolly Phonic song

Jolly Phonics song to the letter 'A'