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Daily attendance is essential if children are to reach their full potential. Our target as a school is that each child will have an attendance of 95% or more. We aim to decrease our unauthorised and authorised absence figures to meet government national targets. 


Arriving late regularly is unsettling not just for your child, but also the rest of the class.

8.45am The doors open

8.55am The school day starts (register is taken). Any children arriving after this time will receive a late mark (before registers closed) on their attendance record.

9.30am Any children arriving after this time will receive a late mark (after registers closed) on their attendance record, which is an unauthorised absence. 

Parents should ensure their child arrives at 8.45am each day.


Medical Appointments

Where possible, medical appointments should be arranged for the end of the day, not the start of the day. Arriving late, even after a medical appointment, is unsettling not just for your child, but also the rest of the class.



Parents should call the school office and leave a message each day their child is ill. Please ensure you provide details of the illness, so we can update our records. A reason of ‘feeling ill/unwell’ is not sufficient. Please provide a specific reason.


Reporting absence procedure

Please could parents ensure that they call school before 9.15am in the morning if their child is not going to be at school for explaining the reason for the absence.   We have a dedicated mobile telephone also if you would prefer to text.   The attendance mobile number is:

07773 425350


Formal Examinations, Assessment or Testing

It is essential that children are present when formal examinations, assessment or testing is taking place.

Year 1   Phonics screening will take place Monday 12th - 16th June 2017.

Year 2  Phonics screening (children that failed in Year 1 will be re-tested) will take place Monday 12th – Friday 16th June 2017.

Year 2  KS1 SAT’s will take place during the month of May 2017

Year 6  KS2 SATs will take place Monday 8th – Friday 12th May 2017. Additional assessment continues until the end of June 2017.


Page updated 31.10.2017